Inspirational Drawing Activity

When I taught the under grand students majored in engineering how to fulfill their inspiration in design, I decided to find a way to have them experience what a designer would experience in design.

I designed an inspirational drawing activity to facilitate this experience.This idea is inspired by my experience as an art design students in an art school. We used to playing some kinds of music to tune in to the right moods for our works. It can be applied for team warm-up and facility creativity across both design and non-design team.



Short (~3min) clips of music were played and participants were encouraged to explore the different tools available to express what they were hearing. After completing 4 sets (songs) of drawings we shared our creations and discussed the way the experiment unfolded.



Feedback and application

After I prototyped it within our class, I applied it with a small group of undergraduate students with different backgrounds. Also facilitated it with a large group workshop as the warm-up activities. That workshop was about managing creative team. All of them turned to be very successful and everyone was engaged in the process. Especially after the large workshop, many students come up to express their favor to the activity. Some of them were very surprised and proud of their artworks, would like to keep them.